Tuesday, 31 July 2012

"God knows I'm tough Enough!" :)

Sometimes I don't know where to start when writing a blog post.Seriously I'm not really a blogger I just want to give my followers something to read about my look.

The jeans I am wearing is from Guess, actually this jeans is very very old but still in good condition. Haha! I tried to ripped my pants to a rugged look and I like how it turned out. My Shirt and Cardigan is just a shirt and cardigan. Haha! 

Now my shoes! actually this is not mine well thanks to my niece, she wanted to get rid of it. So I asked for it.

And Thanks to my friend Dave for giving me his Bonnet.

Lets talk about the photo. While doing this photoshoot, there is only one thing in my mind; "Don't Fall". I'm afraid of heights but for the sake of my shoot I am willing to do anythingng to make it look good.That's it! ENjoy!! :)


  1. Hey hun, I found your blog through the blog post on lookbook forum :) Would you like to follow each other?
    Please let me know and I can fan you on lookbook and follow you on GFC :)
    Like to support fellow lookbookers xx


  2. Following you now on both your blog and lookbook! I will be waiting to see you on mine :) x


  3. Great photos, love it. I'm afraid of heights too and it does look scary, well done. I like your blog a lot :-)

    Try to register to Bloggers.com, it's a nice way to get noticed. Once you do, let me know and I will vote for your blog.

    Dusana from Positive Fountain