Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My Shirt SPEAKS for me!

 From all the past comments on my every outfit, I noticed that you guys are all saying that my looks are "bright and colorful". Now, I decided to try something else and I hope it'll be a shock, but in a good way, to all of you.

Im wearing my "f*ck you* shirt, my DIY ripped jeans, my Vans and my Beanie. It's actually simple but the result is fantastic. I am happy that the outfit looked good on me, since it's my first time wearing something like this, but I think this might also be the last. Well, it'll depend on the feedbacks that I will receive. I just put this outfit together for a change from my previous ones. But I guess, I would just focus more on what my style would really be/ Hope you guys like it! Dont forget to like my page and follow my Blog!:)


  1. hi dear! i follow your blog :) XX

  2. Those ripped trousers look great with that t-shirt! ;)

  3. Your shirt is so cool. :P

    Please come to me, i'am new in there: :)

  4. I think dark colors also suit you! :)

    xx Daphne of

  5. Coup de coeur pour le tee :)

  6. don't ever do that neck pose look gay

  7. Love the outfits!

    xx, Cherubina