Thursday, 10 January 2013

Chase your PASSION not the Money

Hi guys this is my first lookbook post for the year 2013! 
I wasn't able to post new looks last December because I was busy with my part time job as a dance choreographer. Yes! I'm not just in to fashion, dancing is my first love.

Before I discuss my outfit, I want to share something about my photoshoot. I was so grateful to Loverich's sister, Pamela, she is a Mass Communication student and she's taking up a photography course. They asked me if I was interested to the "subject" of their photo for practice. I said yes, since I already have a new outfit ready. I also invited two of my friends to join, Tinsy and Kaori. 

After the shoot, I waited for the e-mailed pictures and I was really happy with the result. Every shot was perfect and to think of, she was just practicing. I love all the pictures but it gave me a hard time picking out the best one to post here.

About my look I wore my H&M shirt, Bossini black pants and my new blue Vans!

The best thing about this outfit is my shirt, it is so colorful, just like me.

Credits to Ms. Pamela De Leon, our photographer. If you are interested in booking her as a photographer just ask me and I will give you her contact, Facebook account or Tumblr blog.

Pamela's Facebook and Tumblr account:

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  1. That shirt is crazy, i love it. :)
    Would you like to follow each other? Follow me and i'll be happy to follow you back. :)

  2. It's amazing how you're chasing your passion. Good on you :D
    Lovely collab + outfit too. I think you shall be my favourite male Lookbooker, haha.

    Much love, Rach

  3. Found you through Lookbook & so glad I found your blog!

    Feel free to leave some love


  4. Nice post title! :)