Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Beyond Limits

Hi everyone! Did you miss me? ;) 

I wasn't able to post some new looks for a while, I've been busy with a lot of stuff going on in my life now. Last Sunday I had a photoshoot with Ms. Pamela De Leon; the girl behind my great photo. Enjoy!

Last Sunday our church launch our 5th Life Conference and the theme this year is BEYOND LIMITS. Come and Join Us and be Bless by the word of God on May 7-10.

About my look I'm wearing the official BEYOND LIMITS T-Shirt. This serves as a form of uniform for those who volunteer to help during the whole event and I am one of them. Since I got my Shirt before LifeCon I decided put together a simple yet trendy outfit paired with my Bossini  pants and YRYS polo.

Credits to Ms. Pamela De Leon, our photographer. If you are interested in booking her as a photographer just ask me and I will give you her contact,

                               Well that's it hope you Hype Comment Love and Become a Fan on Lookbook! :)

For more Info about Life Conference just visit: http://newlife.ph/


  1. great pics ! you're one of my fav person fanned on lookbook ;)


  2. Ce LOOK est canon et ton TEE est top !

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