Friday, 2 January 2015


Happy New Year Everyone! How's the celebration? Have you guys written your resolutions already? If you ask me, mine is to focus on my blog this year because last year I'm not proud to say that I've posted only five looks on my blog. I was busy with my dancing and to be honest I'm also too lazy. I promised to myself that I need to post 2 to 3 looks a month. In addition, I also don't have my own camera. I have to wait for my photographer's free time. And usually our schedule's won't match. So this year I promise to focus on blog and set a side my other agendas.

Lets talk about my look I'm wearing Mickey Mouse by @mens_wardrobe. I called my look " Terno" if your Filipino you know why I named this outfit like that, it's really obvious right? Haha! Terno means "matchy matchy". Menswardrobe is my new sponsor base in Malaysia. Checkout their Instagram account @mens_wardrobe. They also ship internationally. This the first outfit I will post wearing menswardrobe clothes and will post more looks wearing all the clothes they sent me. Hope you guys like my new outfit this new year.

Visit @mensw_ardrobe and Happy shopping!

Happy New Year

PHOTO Credit to Ms Hannah De Leon
Visit her blog: Hannah De Leon Photography


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