Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Camicia a Quadri

Some of my readers always asked me how do I come up with my style or where do I get the inspiration about my #ootd; the most common question is "San mo kinopya yan outfit mo?".
I admit when I was a newbie here in the fashion world, I do copy the style of my fave blogger/s. But as time went by, I learned how to style my outfit that really show my personality and how I can mix and match my clothes. And lastly you need confidence. Now I read fashion magazines or fashion blogs to help me know the current trends in the fashion industry. I won't say that I still copy or imitate the outfits of others because I have learned so much. I just use everything as an inspiration for any outfit I would put together, keeping in mind that it has to be "my style".
First when I tried to fit this outfit I was like it's a"nah" for me but when I asked my friends they say that it was "bagay" to me. Have you ever felt that kind of feeling like when you fit the dress and you feel like it's wrong but when you ask your friends they will say it's perfect? Maybe it's because you wore it the first time or you're just unsure if it does look good on you. Long story short, I tried the outfit for the photoshoot and I was really happy with the result. It's "bagay nga sakin" lol
I'm wearing my Wolf and Man for my shirt, Forever21 for my pants and Converse for my sneakers. I would say my outfit is kinda simple but this kind of style you can wear this in any occasion. Lol 😂 This is my second blogpost for this year and I hope you guys like it.



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I hope this look inspires you! Enjoy!!!!

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