Saturday, 23 July 2016


Denim on Denim is one of the hot trends right now. But some of you are afraid to pull this kind of outfit because you think only "cowboy" and "jologs" can wear denim. But hey there's a lot of way to pull the denim on denim outfit and still look sleek; just a proper mix and match of the right pieces.

Because Denim is all over my feed lately, here is my own version. And hope you guys like it. Actually this is the second time I posted a DonD outfit. I'm wearing my H&M polo shirt , a light denim jacket and pants (don't know what the brand 😛) and Converse for my Sneaker and for the accessories colored sacks by men's wardrobe and Zooyork for my watch.

Here's some tips to pull the Denim on Denim outfit. (my own opinion) 😛
- start by pairing different shades of denim like light denim jacket and dark denim pants.

- don't pick the same shades of denim so you won't look like matchy matchy or "Terno"

- ripped denim is YAY! So don't be afraid to wear ripped jeans

- don't wear denim accesories like hat, bracelet or shoes. 

- wear this outfit with confidence 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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