Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Bomber Jacket

Once again I am wearing an all black outfit for my new post with a bit of floral accent on my bomber jacket. I just wanna share some details of my shoot. My friend Hannah, the girl behind my awesome pics, likes to shoot under the sun and I am wearing a jacket lol. But I'm not against the idea, I actually kinda like it too because of the lighting effect of the sun which added some "magic" in my pics. And for that I did the " tiis ganda look nalang " for the sake of my photos.

The bomber jacket is from, it's a reversible jacket, just check my picture to see what I'm talking about. I really like the design of the jacket and the quality of it and it's perfect to wear during the this rainy season. And I would like to thank for another collaboration. If you want to purchase this jacket you can visit their site for my Tee visit their Instagram account. Forever21 for my pants ang NIKE for my sneakers.