Saturday, 4 February 2017

"No Excuses"

Being a fashion blogger means you need to have your own camera and laptop to shoot and edit all your photos. These two are the most important things in blogging. As much as I want to post everyday or thrice, twice a week I can't because I don't have my own camera and I only borrowed the laptop of my niece. It's because of this that I'm having a hard time updating my blog every now and then but since this is really my passion, I will do everything that I can. "No excuses". And I really try my best to give you a good outfit and I just hope you guys like it. I want to give some inspiration through my posts.

I feel so blessed to have a friend that is passionate in photography, the only problem is that it's hard for us to match our schedules. I also have friends who let me borrow their phone so that I could take great pictures for Instagram since I only have a low-end phone. Lol ( thanks to my friends ) and I always bring 3 outfits every time we had a shoot. I tried 5 outfits before but it's very exhausting so I decided 3 outfit is the max every shoot.This is my first outfit post for 2017, it's very simple. All the pieces can be easily found inside everybody's cabinet. A plain black t shirt and black pants, to spice up your outfit just add the denim jacket and wear your fave shoes preferably white. As for accessories just wear sunglasses. Confidence is the key when it comes to wearing a laid-back/plain outfit.

The brands I'm wearing are Forever21 for my pants, Sunnies for my sunglasses, Adidas Sonic Boost for my shoes and Blue Corner for my shirt

Shoutout to my friend/photographer HANNAH! thank you so much sa Pak na Pak na mga shots!

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I hope this look inspires you! Enjoy!!!!


  1. awesome look brother!

  2. Love these sneakers!

    Karolina Žalaitė,