Monday, 9 October 2017


Today is very special day because it's my birthday. Wuhoo! It's been 30 years since my Nanay gave birth to me. Yeah I'm already old but I my age doesn’t show. Most of the time, people are shook when I tell them how old am I. At this age I feel like I need to be mature. (I’m a child at heart lol) I need to think seriously about my future and what I really want, rather need to do about my awesome life. But no rush, I know God has a plan for me and I trust my future to Him.

Here's my new outfit post. Nothing special about this outfit, just wanted to try an all white outfit. I really have nothing to say other than. (laaaazy). But I kinda look like an innocent child with wings and halo and all hahahaha ( goodboy look). By the way I'm wearing Huarache Nike. Blue Corner fot my T-shirt. H&M for my cap and Sunnies for my sungalsses.

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