Sunday, 7 April 2013


Hello Guys

I'm wearing my Topman Shirt my Marlboro Classics Pants and my W.brown shoes.It's been my desire to wear a denim shirt since the first time I've posted a look and now I finally have one which makes'this outfit my favorite. As for the shoes, it's not mine it's my father's, I borrowed it for this look since he rarely use it but instead he gave it to me. What a nice Dad?! Right? Hahaha! :)

I love how the weather and Pam's photography skills made my look and this photo a perfect one. 


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Credits to Ms. Pamela De Leon, our photographer. If you are interested in booking her as a photographer just ask me and I will give you her contact,


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I hope this look inspires you! Enjoy!!!! :)


  1. Denim shirts are the best! I love how they're a unisex item, and in this case my point is proven. You suit button-up shirts so well!
    Also, props to Pam, her photography skills never fail to impress. (: x

  2. hey! just looking around your blog and I love your style!
    maybe we can follow each?

    Wulan Wu on

  3. Great outfit<3

  4. Love the denim-on-denim look! You're brave! Haven't tried that look yet :)

    xx Daphne of