Friday, 10 March 2017

"Lack of Sun"

My blogger spirit is not working/cooperating right now. I can't think of any theme for my new outfit post but I feel like I need to publish this to my blog now. As you can see I'm wearing the all black outfit again. And to make it more stylish I added a denim jacket and my wide brim hat. I really like the photos during this photoshoot. Thanks to my friend Hannah, she always deliver awesome results.

// Denim and Sneakers never fails. //

I'm wearing:


Saturday, 4 February 2017

"No Excuses"

Being a fashion blogger means you need to have your own camera and laptop to shoot and edit all your photos. These two are the most important things in blogging. As much as I want to post everyday or thrice, twice a week I can't because I don't have my own camera and I only borrowed the laptop of my niece. It's because of this that I'm having a hard time updating my blog every now and then but since this is really my passion, I will do everything that I can. "No excuses". And I really try my best to give you a good outfit and I just hope you guys like it. I want to give some inspiration through my posts.

I feel so blessed to have a friend that is passionate in photography, the only problem is that it's hard for us to match our schedules. I also have friends who let me borrow their phone so that I could take great pictures for Instagram since I only have a low-end phone. Lol ( thanks to my friends ) and I always bring 3 outfits every time we had a shoot. I tried 5 outfits before but it's very exhausting so I decided 3 outfit is the max every shoot.This is my first outfit post for 2017, it's very simple. All the pieces can be easily found inside everybody's cabinet. A plain black t shirt and black pants, to spice up your outfit just add the denim jacket and wear your fave shoes preferably white. As for accessories just wear sunglasses. Confidence is the key when it comes to wearing a laid-back/plain outfit.

The brands I'm wearing are Forever21 for my pants, Sunnies for my sunglasses, Adidas Sonic Boost for my shoes and Blue Corner for my shirt

Shoutout to my friend/photographer HANNAH! thank you so much sa Pak na Pak na mga shots!

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I hope this look inspires you! Enjoy!!!!

Monday, 17 October 2016


Some of you may not know that I'm a dancer. Yes! you read it right. I am a dancer.

Dancing is and will always be my first love. Ever since I was a kid I've always joined several field demos and dance competitions to represent our school. And I'm proud to say that everytime we compete we almost always win. My passion for dancing led me to join the dance ministry of my church back in 2006, they became my second family. It's been ten years and until now I'm still dancing with my team. My dance ministry is not just a ordinary dance group. We use our talent to praise God and share His love to people. And I'm proud of that. I'm not saying that we are "magaling" dancers but were working on that. Lol 😂 We still go on training to enhance our skill and join some workshops. You don't need to be the best to join our dance group, as long you have the heart to serve God you are very welcome to join. Because our number one mission is to share the word of God.

And of course, costumes for dancing is a very big factor, usually it cause arguments and disagreements within our ministry. This ignited my passion for fashion. I always do some research on the Internet to see what is trending now and share it to my dance family. This became my habit that is why it led to me being in charge of costume almost every time we have a performance. It made me very happy when my fellow dancers approve of what I suggested, it made me feel like I'm a real stylist! 😂 Of course, there are times that they don't like my idea. Well, that's life you need some haters to motivate you. (just kidding!) To be honest they "criticisms" to my taste helped me improve on it and made me develop an edgier taste in fashion.

Season are changing and so am I. Right now I'm in the middle of my decision to... I don't like to use the word stop or quit ,let's say just lay-low, dancing. I want to focus more on my blog. I can do both but sometimes you come to a point where you chose what passion you want to pursue more. My heart says blogging and fashion. And I guess 10 years of being a dancer is enough. For now this is will be the last post that related to dance. I left My team without getting a clear answer from God as to why I had to leave, but I did it in faith and out of obedience.It was painful, yet I was at peace.All I knew was that I did what was right to obey Him.He is my Lord, and I know that He always acts in love so I put my trust in Him. His ways are higher than my ways.

Ok! Enough of drama! Let's talk about my look. As you can see my pose in all my picture is not the usual pose you see in me. I asked my photographer to take a picture of me while I'm dancing (for the record this is just one take! 😜) In this outfit I'm wearing my La Salle extended tee, H&M for my shorts and New Balance sneakers. And for my denim jacket sorry guys dunno what's the brand. Lol

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Bomber Jacket

Once again I am wearing an all black outfit for my new post with a bit of floral accent on my bomber jacket. I just wanna share some details of my shoot. My friend Hannah, the girl behind my awesome pics, likes to shoot under the sun and I am wearing a jacket lol. But I'm not against the idea, I actually kinda like it too because of the lighting effect of the sun which added some "magic" in my pics. And for that I did the " tiis ganda look nalang " for the sake of my photos.

The bomber jacket is from, it's a reversible jacket, just check my picture to see what I'm talking about. I really like the design of the jacket and the quality of it and it's perfect to wear during the this rainy season. And I would like to thank for another collaboration. If you want to purchase this jacket you can visit their site for my Tee visit their Instagram account. Forever21 for my pants ang NIKE for my sneakers.