Monday, 4 November 2013


Hello Everyone! It’s been a long time since I posted a new look of mine. Did you miss me? Well, if the answer is yes, I've got some good news. After 100 years I will finally post my NEW look. My look is inspired by a skateboarder, every time I go to the mall there’s a certain place where you can see a lot of skateboarder showing off their exhibition skills on their skateboard. As I watch them, the one thing that really hooked me is their style. Their plaid shirt are always tied to their waste like it’s supposed to be there, it made me think if the style would suit me. I dedicate this look for all the skateboarders  out there.

Enough with the chitchat and let’s discuss my AWESOME look. I’m wearing my Bossini Black Pants, my Vans and my POW T-shirt and for my accessories my Boardwalk watch and my Sunnies.

The story behind my shirt is that I won it from Mr. MarkLacadin’s blog. I joined his giveaway and I’m so blessed to be the lucky male winner of the POW T-shirt is made from NanaClothing. If you want to avail of this shirt you can order via Facebook or Instagram. There’s a variety of styles to choose from and very affordable. NanaClothing is an online store from Leyte Philippines which customizes t-shirts, they ship worldwide. They have the list of shipping fees for local and international orders; usually it would take 3 days for local orders and maybe a week or so for international orders. Here’s the contact if you want to order Viber/SMS 09163144148 Email: and of course thru Facebook and Instagram.

And special mention to my awesome Photographer Ms Pamela DeLeon for taking all these incredible photos which make it even harder for me to pick my “best” photo. Visit her FACEBOOK page to see more of her works. 

Lastly, visit and follow my niece’s blog It's  Liene Nicolas. Also, check out her styles in 

Please watch my first ever video promotion for my style; 3 outfits in one video.  Enjoy! J

VIBER/SMS 09163144148

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I hope this look inspires you! Enjoy!!!! :)


  1. nice post!
    gorgeous outfit!

    Stéphanie -

  2. great outfit! would you like to follow each other? just let me know. XX

  3. your outfit is so cool! super like the -shirt! it always feel great to see co-Filipino fashion bloggers :)