Friday, 7 July 2017


Rainy season is almost here. The season that I really hate because I feel like I'm always lazy when it's raining however I really love wearing sweatshirts and jackets. It's perfect for this kind of weather. You better get yours now. It's really fun to put together an ootd this rainy season.

Welcoming this season with this outfit, I wore my SUPREME sweatshirt. When I got this, I had no idea that it would be on trend now. I used to ignore this piece of clothing and now to my surprise, it's so damn expensive. I'm the type of person who doesn't need to look on the label in order to put value in it, as long as it looks good on me, the label won't really matter.

Well thank you to @menswardrobe for collaborating with me. Next H&M for my cap and Huarache for my sneakers. I must say this kind of outfit can easily be copied. This look is simple yet cool. Hope you like my rainy outfit.

I will never forget to mention here on my blog the name of my photographer she is the reason behind my Pak na Pak na picture. Thank you so much Hannah for the amazing photo's.

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